Specialty Treatments

Vibrational Sound Therapy - 30 min. $40  |  45 min. $50  |  60 min. $60  |  90 min. $190

Vibrational sound therapy with tuning forks, both harmonic & weighted are used in the following treatments and help to de-stress the nervous system. It boost the bodies voltage and helps raise your everyday resilience. In this recharged state our bodies can optimally unwind, repair and restore.

Specialty Treatments with Vibrational Sound

Vibrational sound therapy with Vibrational chakra essential oils applied. 60 minutes of sheer bliss! $80.00

Vibrational sound therapy combined with universal reiki energy. 60 mins  $70.00

Vibrational sound therapy with chakra crystal energy. 60 mins  $70.00

7-8 Auric field Vibrational sound therapy to sooth and smooth for an optimal body, mind and spirit treatment.   90 mins. $95.00

Aromatherapy Body Treatments


By stimulating the nervous system with gentle massage and layering the essential oils to the feet and along the spine you will receive a total treatment, boosting every system in the body including emotional release and support. Each of the treatments are customized for your health.


Nature's Secret Aromatherapy Wellness body treatment  90 mins. $100.00 (9-12 oils)
This treatment is recommended every 3 months.


Aromatherapy Immune Boost  60 mins  $65.00 (5 oils)

Aromatherapy Pain Relief  60 mins  $65.00 

Aromatherapy Stress & Anxiety Relief 60 mins $65.00

Recommended every 2 weeks for 3 total treatments.